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Wilkiewheels 02-18-14 05:30 AM

Hello from New York
Hello Fellow cyclists,
I am an avid rider but really starting to enjoy cycling in the past year since taking ownership of a vintage Schwinn, Super Le Tour. I road all last summer and now am looking at upgrading my equipment and doing a trek this summer. I came across this site while trying to better understand bike values. This looks like a fantastic wealth of knowledge. I also like vintage sports cars and really enjoy a forum I visit for that hobby. I am really excited about this forum as it is looks to be full of great people who really enjoy cycling and the relationships that come out of it. I look forward to my new adventure.

Lacumo 02-18-14 06:54 AM

Welcome to BF and enjoy the new bike!

Juha 02-18-14 01:23 PM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!


Zephyr11 02-18-14 05:03 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

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