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mlcas1976 02-19-14 05:18 PM

greetings from Ireland
Raleigh Twenty 1969 arrived from England yesterday reasonable condition considering age.I wonder if the colour which is FLAMENCO RED is actually the same colour as the ORANGE-RED that was used on the 1973-74 Raleigh Twenty's?mlcas1976.

Lacumo 02-19-14 10:31 PM

Welcome to BF! Your questions about the color of your old Raleigh will be seen by a bigger and more knowledgable audience in the Classic and Vintage forum. Good luck with it.

Juha 02-21-14 01:16 AM

Hello mlcas1976, definitely visit the C&V forum. Be prepared to post pics of your bike.


Zephyr11 02-22-14 02:14 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

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