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psub 02-19-14 05:58 PM

Hi from Syracuse
Hello everyone. I am originally from Nepal, where i used to do a bit of mountain biking. I have lived in Syracuse now for a little more than 3 yrs. I will be moving to Lexington, Ky coming July. I am trying to get back on the saddle and have chosen to go the cyclocross way. Currently looking at Cannondale CAADX 105 vs JTS. Plan on recreational riding and commuting, no racing.

Lacumo 02-19-14 10:30 PM

Welcome to BF! After living in the higher altitudes of Nepal, NY and KY must seem like a below sea level environment to you!

psub 02-19-14 10:47 PM

Hehe Lacumo, i spent most of my life in Kathmandu which is ~2000ft, so not much high. Mountains certainly were. Syracuse is a nice place to bike, lots of lakes and good trails..

no1mad 02-20-14 03:58 AM

Welcome aboard :)

Zephyr11 02-22-14 02:15 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums from someone else temporarily living in CNY (and who doesn't make it to Cranx nearly as much as she'd like)!

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