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dsljay 03-07-14 10:52 PM

New from Pa.
Hi, I'm Jay and I live near Allentown, Pa. I have been riding for about 25 years. I have a 20 plus year old Cannondale crit bike that I still love. When I retired 2 years ago, my son thought that I needed a triple chain ring bike, so he bought me a Scattante road bike with lots of gears. We have plenty of hills around here so I get to use all those gears. This year I bought a Fiji Absolute 2.1 with 700-32 tires. I'm going to use the Fuji as a rail-trail bike. I'm hoping that it will be soon warm enough for me to take her for our first ride.

no1mad 03-07-14 11:00 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Juha 03-08-14 01:25 AM

Hello Jay, welcome to Bike Forums!


mdphoto 03-08-14 05:11 AM

Welcome. Don't wait for the first test ride. Dress in layers and hit the road. I'm heading out shortly for a good 25 miles and it's about 28f. Little cold but what a way to get the day started.

Lacumo 03-08-14 06:58 AM

Welcome to BF!

dsljay 03-08-14 01:00 PM

Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I generally don't ride below 40, so when it hit 40 today I took the Fuji on it's first ride. Everything worked well. I'm going to replace the 11-32 cassette with a 12-21 cassette.

HigherGround 03-08-14 11:05 PM

Hi Jay, welcome to the forums! I live in Montgomery County, not too far away. There's a lot of nice riding in SE PA. I hope you enjoy the forums!

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