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RTapz 03-16-14 05:56 PM

Hello from the Chain of Lakes Winter Haven, Fl.
I wasn't going to create an account here because it reminds me a lot of the people who leave reviews on Amazon and some drift off the topic and into space but after seeing how many who bash the old gas pipe box store bikes I couldn't resist wanting to put in my two cents to defend them.
I'm not rich and only get a a small SSI check each month and most of it goes for rent and personal items leaving me a little for parts trying to keep some of the neighborhood kids that have no Father to help them with their bikes.
I don't know much about bikes other than what I have owned or worked on for others so I try to stay with bikers I'm familiar with so hope nobody ask me for help if they have bikes other than a mid 70's or 80's 10 speed road bike.
Hope to find the right people here that will help me if I run into a bike I know nothing about and will thank you in advance!

Lacumo 03-17-14 07:27 AM

Welcome to BF!

Body 03-18-14 11:56 PM

Welcome to this forum and hope you will like it as me.

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