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pumabicycle 03-17-14 09:11 PM

Hi there,

I'm Puma, I just got into cycling and have lots of questions so go easy on me. I raced BMX all through my childhood but now I'mm interested in Road Cycling. It's amazing how much I like it. I just got the idea to buy a bike and bought an old Puch Odyssey from a guy who had it rotting away in his garage. I cleaned the bike up and have been polishing away rust for at least a week. It's a heavy bike but that's okay for now. Mostly, I have questions about how I can improve this bike, parts compatibility and such. Meanwhile, I'll work on becoming a stronger cyclist within myself.

Details about my bike (that i'm aware of at this point);
58 cm frame, old school lug steel frame, built I believe in the 80's
Sugino Crank
Suntour derailleur G7
Diacompe Brake (front only), appear to be a centerpull style, not that I know what that is really. Single,centered hole mount
Five speed cassette
Two sprockets on the crank
Big, heavy steel wheels

I live in Houston, Texas where the roads are flat but I'd like to work up to trips to Austin (Hilly terrain).

Thanks in advance for all of your help,


Lacumo 03-18-14 10:46 AM

Welcome to BF!

no1mad 03-18-14 06:27 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Body 03-18-14 11:52 PM

Welcome to this forum and hope you will like it as me.

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