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pavemen 03-18-14 08:44 PM

Hi from California
Started riding again last year after a medical diagnosis. Started commuting via bike once in a while as well. Used to ride a 1994 Trek 850 mountain bike, then when I started back up I fixed it up some and rode that for road duty. Once I had hit 35 miles on that 20 year old heavy high drag bike with worn out bearings and components I decided to upgrade.

I now ride a 2014 Trek Domane 2.0 in 60mm. I use SPD cleats/pedals as I want to tour so I run mild mountain bike shoes I can walk in. I am hoping to hit my first 50 mile ride this spring and perhaps a century... in miles, none of that easy metric stuff :-) .... by the fall otherwise next spring

So that is my story.

cannondale125 03-18-14 08:46 PM

Well hi California! Sounds like your doing great. Keep it up!!!

pavemen 03-18-14 10:33 PM

Thanks. I wish I could have afforded a nicer version but a 2.0 is a massive upgrade from what I had. Plus just getting started again I don't need better (just want). Now that its warming up, I am hoping to ride more often. Now to find some place with some elevation change. Its so flat where I am.

Body 03-18-14 11:50 PM

Welcome to this forum and hope you will like it as me.

Lacumo 03-20-14 07:09 PM

Welcome to BF!

CommuteCommando 03-21-14 12:16 PM

North or south?

pavemen 03-21-14 04:57 PM

Dead center almost. In Modesto actually. But I guess most people consider it northern CA.

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