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H82WRK 03-22-14 08:35 AM

Good Morning from Cincinnati, name is Rachael
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Hi All,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I came about this forum in search for some advice on a new bike purchase. But wanted to follow forum etiquette and post an intro first.

I currently own a 2012 Cannondale Synapse Tiagra and a 2005 Bianchi Milano Cafe Racer (I think it's the 120th anniversary, it has the polished aluminum frame), I have attached photos of both. Both bikes I bought on appearance, at the time of the Bianchi I wanted a bike for the bike path and to pull my Frenchie's trailer. When I purchased the Cannondale, it reminded me of my first "big girl" bike when I was 13. I bought that bike to ride the bike path as well but to do it faster and with more gears than the 8 speed Milano. Now I am in love (again) with the hobbying of biking for exercise and to release anxiety and stress.

Looking to move to the new Specialized Vita Comp but that would involve me selling both of my current rides. So I haven't yet made the decision to do it yet. I like the idea of a more upright style of biking, I didn't really even consider that when I bought the Cannondale, now after 2 years of ownership and realizing how much I ride, comfort is a factor. I am 35 years old, about 5'3" and 120 pounds, I prefer smaller framed bikes.

Another fact about me, I volunteer for the French Bulldog Rescue and am all about rescue dogs! I own a 1965 modified Beetle and love cars.

Anyways, my point of this post was to introduce myself and my bikes and say HI to all the community members.

If anyone reading this could also direct me to the right area of the forum for questions on my new ride or advice on if I should sell my current two, that would be great!

Wanderer 03-22-14 08:51 AM

Welcome - and hope you stop by often.

If I were you, I'd keep what I have - great bikes.............. of curse there is always N+1.............. as long as the money holds out.

Lacumo 03-22-14 02:36 PM

Welcome to BF!

Dudelsack 03-23-14 08:10 PM

General cycling, and if you're brave enough, the road cycling forum.

The over 50 forum is pretty laid back. I realize you're too young, but just complain about kids walking on your lawn and I'll cover your back.

adamhenry 03-23-14 08:53 PM

Welcome to BF!

1nterceptor 03-23-14 08:56 PM

Hi, welcome aboard! I would check first it there are some
modifications that can be done to the C'dale to make it
more comfy. Some things don't even cost anything;
rotating the bars up, placing the stem at the highest
position, etc. Some things may cost a little bit - changing
the stem for a shorter and/or higher angled one.

muzpuf 03-23-14 09:52 PM

are you writing from WKRP

bres dad 03-29-14 08:16 AM


Originally Posted by muzpuf (Post 16605142)
are you writing from WKRP

"As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly..." loved that show

BTW, welcome...

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