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flash63 03-23-14 12:07 PM

Greetings,new to forum,,old rider.
Got a Surly Ogre,,more for gravel roads and distance.
Brooks B67,Swalable 622-47 Mondial tires,,
36 spoke DTSwiss/HopeII hub wheelset.
Tubus rear Surlyrack front racks
Ortlieb roller front/rear panniers.
Baush Muller Ixon light and Baush Muller tail light.
Ergon pedals and bar ends

Try to ride every day,gravel,rain,snow...

Juha 03-23-14 02:25 PM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!


Lacumo 03-23-14 05:52 PM

Welcome to BF!

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