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Pane 05-02-14 02:16 AM

Hi I'm Stefano, I'm Italian from Rome.
Since a wile I live in Amsterdam, a city where bikes are the primary vehicle.
I drive to work every day for more than 10 km, and since I live out of the city I use the bicycle a lot.
Right now I'm driving a race bike, an old Rossin which I like, but it does not really serve my every day needs, meaning transportation of materials and comfort.
Since I'm considering to purchase a second hand bike to convert in a porteur / randonneur, for daily use and week end trips, I'd really like some guidance, I'm not an expert and some help would be really appreciated.

Right now this one bike (following link) is the one I'm really considering to get, according to the honor indications it fits my size and it seems to have the features of a randonneur frame. I couldn't really find much information on the web since it seems to be a rare model, what do you think about it?

? Gazelle Champion Mondial Trekking frameset - Fietsonderdelen -


10 Wheels 05-02-14 06:16 AM

Hey Pane,

Welcome to Bike Forums from a Texas road rider.

Frame looks good to me.

RonH 05-02-14 06:18 AM

Welcome Stefano. The good people in the Classic & Vintage forum can probably answer your questions about the Gazelle. Have fun.

Lacumo 05-02-14 07:24 AM

Welcome to BF!

Juha 05-02-14 12:09 PM

Cheers Stefano, welcome to Bike Forums!


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