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paasaa 05-02-14 05:27 AM

Newbie Paasaa
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Hello everyone!

A lot of my friends have started or re-started biking around the mountainous Salt Lake City that I call home.
A friend let me one of her bikes around a nearby bike trail, and I loved it! Then, I read a lot about biking online and decided to get a hybrid bike to commute with.


This is my new Giant Seek 3, that I bought yesterday.
I am a newbie to commuting, but can't wait to work up to my ~2 or 3 mile commute to work/school/play!



RonH 05-02-14 06:14 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Glad you found us. Enjoy the bike and the commute. :thumb:

10 Wheels 05-02-14 06:18 AM

Hey Paasaa,

Welcome to Bike Forums from a Texas road rider.

Lacumo 05-02-14 07:25 AM

Welcome to BF and enjoy the new bike!

Juha 05-02-14 12:10 PM

Hello and welcome!


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