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seasearider72 05-02-14 07:26 PM

Hey Everybody! I'm a 63 year old rider from South Dakota. All road until last year when I bought a Trek X-Cal which has already seen some improvements. Up 'til then I rode my old '72 G. Lapierre, which I've changed everything out on except the bottom bracket. I still enjoy riding it, it's an old friend!

no1mad 05-02-14 09:08 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Lacumo 05-03-14 04:46 AM

Welcome to BF!

Juha 05-03-14 12:54 PM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!


Von Potter 05-08-14 01:55 PM

Welcome. I'm from Sioux Falls!

I'm the president of a local bike club that mostly rides old cruisers and MTB's. We're always open to new people

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