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PatC2001 05-12-14 04:01 PM

New Older Rider
I live in Central Texas which is flat in some locations and hilly in others. Ride a Trek 5000 and really like the bike. Several ride groups near by and a rider can find a group to fit them. All road groups ride to train riders to perform well and enjoy rides. Some with give a pounding and keep on going. Finding safe roads has been a problem for several years now with the growth in the area. Good bike shops are located around town for purchase, parts, and service needs. Some of the bike shops are on road training routes.

Lacumo 05-12-14 06:27 PM

Welcome to BF!

Juha 05-13-14 04:58 AM

Hello and welcome to Bike Forums!


10 Wheels 05-13-14 05:58 AM

Hey Pat,

Welcome to Bike Forums from the flat Texas Coast.

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