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MO_Rider 05-13-14 02:56 PM

New Rider from SW Missouri
Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to riding, and I'm looking forward to getting started. I just bought a Giant Escape 2 yesterday and put my first miles on it today. I'm hoping to get myself into some kind of shape, lose a little weight, and be able to have some fun with my kid this summer.

I'm in the Springfield, MO, area, and would enjoy connecting with anyone else that might be in this vicinity. I'm not ready for long rides quite yet, but I'm already thinking about hooking up with a local bike club for some of their beginner rides.

Any advice for newbies would be appreciated! Looking forward to spending some time here ...

Bradwallace 05-13-14 03:38 PM

Springfield MO is a great place... I've stayed at Big Cedar... Cool zip line places in Branson... Missouri has some great trials... Where did you buy the Giant?

MO_Rider 05-13-14 03:50 PM

Bradwallace - I got the bike at Sunshine Bike Shop in Springfield. I went to all the shops at least a couple of times trying to decide what I wanted. They were quite patient with all my (stupid) questions and didn't seem to be annoyed that I didn't know much, if anything, about bikes. I'll give a runner-up award to Queen City Cycles, though, as they were great also. It came down to getting the most bike for the money and SBS had the best deal.

Lacumo 05-13-14 04:43 PM

Welcome to BF and enjoy the new bike!

Juha 05-13-14 09:52 PM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!


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