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Livermush 05-19-14 07:41 PM

Holla... from Asheville NC...
I'm living right next to a greenway here in Asheville NC. I had not ridden a Bicycle in almost 8 years! So I sold my car and am riding a used surly 1x1 that is a mis-mash of parts. My goal is to take some welding classes and a bicycle frame/fork building class and design and build my dream bicycle(or bicycles). It will be a mix of bmx/track/mtb/ commuter.. It will be a full on mutt.
I logged in many a mile in the bush of Africa, and here in the south east. I stopped riding because, ww kayaking, marriage, kids, job....oh boo hoo...blah blah blahhhh... I a moving on from the excuse stage, I am still married, still a father, don't kayak anymore and have a job but am heading back to school. Yes yes who the hell is this guy tell his life story??

I am Livermush
Aka Dano

10 Wheels 05-19-14 08:10 PM

Hey Dano,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Good Luck on the project.

decotriumph 05-19-14 08:26 PM

Welcome! I know an excellent frame builder not far from you that also teaches frame building. Bicycle Frame Building Class

Juha 05-19-14 11:33 PM

Hello Dano, welcome to BF!


Zephyr11 05-20-14 02:56 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Livermush 05-20-14 03:53 AM

Thanks for all the warm welcomes and the link.

Lacumo 05-20-14 10:08 AM

Welcome to BF!

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