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BIGDCYCLES 05-23-14 06:20 AM

Renewed cyclist from Kansas
Hello everyone, I am Dustin and just recently got back into bicycling after years of barely being on a bike. Up until I got a drivers license I rode my bike just about everywhere. So last year I finally bought a bike just to see if I still enjoyed it. I sure do! Bought a Mongoose Deception 29er since I was living in the country with rough roads and trails nearby but found it lacking for city riding. Still have it but have since built a 1985 Huffy Strider 10 speed for road and path riding. I enjoy building just as much as riding.

Barrettscv 05-23-14 07:03 AM

Welcome to Bikeforums. I'm bringing my bike to the Flint Hills southwest of Emporium next week. Have you looked at Cyclocross bikes?

BIGDCYCLES 05-23-14 07:22 AM

I have actually looked at cyclocross bikes and thought of building one. If you like challenging hills you will enjoy the Emporia area, beautiful this time of year.

Lacumo 05-23-14 02:06 PM

Welcome to BF and enjoy the new bike!

BIGDCYCLES 05-24-14 06:31 AM

Thank you, I already am. Just put a new saddle on last night so hoping for more miles before discomfort. Going to look at a Fuji Boulevard this morning and a Flying O X27 later, stable is filling rapidly.

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