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Bujajuja 05-24-14 10:36 PM

Hello cycling community
First time rider here,

Bought a Scott from Alex's Bike Shop in Davie, Florida ( awesome gents )

Been on 3 rides so far only 25 miles total so far but planning on increasing that number shortly.
I wanted to join a sport me and my wife could do together, but also challenge me physically.
First experience, this sport is a lot harder then i thought it would be. Assumed I'd easily max high 30's straight off the bat. I couldn't top 29.6 max speed and average is about 16-17 over 7mile rides. Basically yeah i feel challenged, yet super excited to see how far I can advance each week in physically.
I know this might be a newb thing to say but i feel fairly confident that ill average above 20 some day.
Hope to ride with a few of you eventually Cheers,:thumb:

RonH 05-25-14 11:48 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Stop by the Southeast Regional subforum and say hello. Lots of south FL folks here.

Juha 05-25-14 11:57 AM

Hello and welcome to BF!


Lacumo 05-25-14 01:00 PM

Welcome to BF! In your quest for physical challenge, be careful with that demon named speed. In the last half-century, I’ve lost it and flung myself onto the pavement at <10mph, 10 to low 20’s mph and >25mph. That last one was downright unpleasant. The hospital food wasn’t too bad but the hospital doc’s concern about possible head trauma (shattered my helmet) was really scary and the hospital bill was an eye-popper (thank heavens for good medical insurance!). Ever since that one, I’m more into smelling the flowers along the way and enjoying the ride instead of seeing how big a number I can make pop up in the computer display. Ride with care---it makes for less eventful but more enjoyable cycling.

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