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Jayonwheels 05-25-14 07:01 PM

Hello from Cincinnati
Hello, I have used this forum many times for excellent information and insight. There have been a few times where I wanted to offer something, but was too lazy to join.

Let's see... I'm a mechanical engineer and I enjoy bike maintenance and research almost as much as riding. I get in about 1000 miles a year usually in 10 to 50 mile chunks. But I want to increase this stat. I have four bikes: a 1992 titanium Greg Lemond (a copy of the one from his Tour Dupont race); a 1989 Miyata 312 (a basic bike I can take anywhere w/o fear of theft); a trek 4900 basic hard tail mountain bike; and a fixed gear bike that I built up last year (I originally started with a converted Univega 12 speed, but loved it so much that I decided to build a dedicated version with a track style frame). It has been a lot of fun.

I'm getting an error trying to load photos. Maybe I need to be a a computer.

I'll try later

Juha 05-25-14 10:28 PM

Cheers and welcome. No need to be a computer, but there is a thread in User Assistance on how to post pics.:)


Jayonwheels 05-25-14 11:16 PM

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I think I got it

Lacumo 05-26-14 06:03 AM

Welcome to BF!

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