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Jdversatile 05-28-14 11:37 AM

Introducing Myself
Hello From San Francisco. I have a 1973 Schwinn Paramount 10 speed Men's Road Racing Bike that needs a new home.

10 Wheels 05-28-14 11:57 AM

Sell it on Craigslist.

Juha 05-28-14 01:42 PM

Hello and welcome!

If you want to, there are ways to put up an ad here as well, in our Classic & Vintage Sales forum. Please read and comply with the relevant thread in C&V Sales and you're good:

In any case, please don't just casually drop a For Sale post elsewhere in the Forums. Such posts will be pulled quickly, and your access to Forums may be temporarily or permanently revoked as a result.

--Juha, a Forum Mod

Lacumo 05-28-14 02:07 PM

Welcome to BF!

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