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aLonelyClone 05-28-14 06:58 PM

Hi everyone!
Hey everyone! I'm an all around newbie when it comes to bikes, I'm a college student from Atlanta, but I go to school in Florida studying marine science.

I am currently fixing up my dad's old Peugeot racing bike from the early 70s, which is the main reason I joined the forum.
I can't say I have much experience riding, although the point of fixing up the old bike is to ride it.
I'm just getting started but I'm very enthusiastic about cycling and am learning a ton as I go.
I'll probably just be asking a bunch of very obvious questions but I'm usually a quick learner so hopefully it wont get annoying.
Anyway I'm already really impressed by how helpful and responsive you guys are and I'm think I picked the right place to come to. I'm looking forward to learning some things!

no1mad 05-28-14 07:45 PM

Welcome aboard :)

4151zero 05-28-14 07:57 PM


Lacumo 05-29-14 08:35 AM

Welcome to BF and good luck with your project!

Juha 05-29-14 01:13 PM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!


CyclingExplorer 05-29-14 06:10 PM

My daughter has been accepted in Tampa - Marine Biology. She starts in January. Welcome to the site.

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