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C. Witt 05-31-14 01:50 PM

BMX for sale.
Hello everyone. My names Chris and I'm in Birmingham, Al. I'm wanting to sell my Diamondback 2, Silver Streak, but I've been having trouble getting started. I know people will spend some serious cash for some of these bicycles, but finding them is obviously the hard part. I bought the bike new in 1982 and have had her ever since. The only thing missing is the original seat post and seat, everything else is original, except for the hand grips. I took a really bad fall on her a longtime ago and haven't been on it since. I don't have a price in mind right now, but would be interested in talking to anyone serious about it. I don't want to sell her to just anyone, I want it to be someone that will appreciate the bike and take care of it, you know, not give it to some 4 year old that destroys everything they touch. I can ship anywhere you need. Thanks, Chris.

RonH 06-01-14 07:22 AM

Welcome Chris. I deleted your email address. Selling on Bike Forums is reserved for paying members only and all selling is done in the For Sale forum. If you want to join, click here or on the Elite Membership link at the top of the page.

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