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SnarkGrad 05-31-14 11:16 PM

Howdy from Chicago (on vintage steel!)
Hey, folks.

So after years of selfishly scouring the annals of BF for cycling answers as an unregistered visiter I've finally decided to join. I'm psyched to contribute, or hopefully be able to contribute, to this swell-as-hell community already. I'm riding a 197x-198x Tommasini with full Super Record (1990). I'm a big fan of small(ish) batch lugged steel and Ti frames, despite never being able to afford them.
I'm new to Chicago from Portland, Ore and am interested in seeing what sort of cycling communities there are to get involved with here. If any of you are active on vintage threads here and want to point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. Cheers, folks!

Juha 06-01-14 12:17 AM

Cheers and welcome!

I've just the general pointer to offer you, which you probably knew already: the Classic & Vintage subforum. I'm sure they'd appreciate pics of your Tommasini.

And once you start down the road of N+1 bikes, you'll learn to like kickstands too. ;)


Lacumo 06-01-14 04:42 AM

Welcome to BF contributor status after all that time in observer status!

Zephyr11 06-01-14 09:30 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

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