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JimHatfield 06-01-14 12:11 PM

Hello From Black Hawk Country!
As I await tonight's face-off vs. the Kings, I have questions about the gears on my vintage Schwinn Continental. What's the function of the lever on the left? What's the best setting for level riding? How do I position the two levers to get the lowest gear and the highest?

(As you can tell, I'm no Tour de France candidate although my wife and I and some friends will be riding in France this Sumer on a bike 'n barge trip down the Moselle. In fact, that's why I picked up the used Continental - to get my buns in shape for our grand adventure!)

Thanks for any info you can offer on the gears - and on any other aspect of using a 41-pound relic to train for a week of 30 mile a day riding.

RonH 06-01-14 03:05 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. The folks in the Classic & Vintage forum can answer questions about your bike. Have fun on your tour.

Lacumo 06-01-14 04:43 PM

Welcome to BF and enjoy the big vacation!

JimHatfield 06-01-14 04:52 PM

Thanks! Did some searching on BF and found some great info!

Juha 06-01-14 11:30 PM

Cheers Jim, welcome to Bike Forums!


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