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TheFedExpress 06-01-14 08:10 PM

Hey there guys! Just a new guy from Missouri here!
Hey guys! I'm from Missouri, USA. After riding bikes around the neighborhood as a kid, I stopped for a rather long time. But at the beginning of May, I decided to get back on a bike. So, I headed down to Wal-Mart thinking I could get a cheap bike that I could use to bike around.. Little did I know, I was making a horrible mistake.

I read around the internet, browsing forums, ******, etc. to learn more about biking and I kept reading how the quality of those department store bikes are so bad. Then, a week or so later (while riding up and down some hills), I find out the bolt that holds the handlebars rigid and stable doesn't do its job despite tightening it as hard as I could!

Fast forward a week or so, after visiting the bike shop, reading some reviews and test riding some bikes, I finally purchased a "real" bike: a Giant Roam.

So, I'm here, making my first post and hoping I can make some new friend and learn a whole lot more about cycling!

Thanks for taking a read! :thumb:

no1mad 06-01-14 10:32 PM

Welcome aboard :)

Juha 06-01-14 11:26 PM

Cheers and welcome to BF!


Lacumo 06-02-14 03:39 AM

Welcome to BF and congrats on moving into a “real bike!"

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