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Keefy514 06-03-14 06:17 PM

Greetings From M-T-L
Hi All ,

Guess i should introduce myself .... new to the forums.

From Montreal , the city with the many potholes :) I enjoy riding , it is my primary mode of transportation , even in winter .. Rode bmx's in the 80's and now that i am in my early 40's i took the plundge and bought a real road bike ( instead of the bargain basement bikes that i've bought over the years ) and i am happy with it .... i bought a Argon 18 Krypton ( 2013 model ) nice ride :)

That's it

Lacumo 06-03-14 06:27 PM

Welcome to BF!

Juha 06-04-14 12:49 PM

Hello Keith, welcome to Bike Forums!


Cazzzidy 06-04-14 03:16 PM

Welcome to bike forums! Road bike should prove safer than BMX.

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