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ISPringle 06-05-14 10:53 AM

Hello Everybody!
Name's Ian. I ride MTB, BMX, and am about to get my first road bike.

My MTB is currently in storage in southern VA where I go to school. It's a Trek, forget the model but it's an introductory MTB from a few years bike when I was in high school, but I don't care, it serves my purpose very well, which is DH with some XC. It's in need of some work at the moment, a new rear rim, possible a new set of gears, new brakes, and maybe new forks.

My BMX is a Fit Mac 3. I just got into BMX, it's going to be my summer hobby and then I'll bring it back down to school because my school has an old warehouse that they converted into a skate park and is free to ride for students (plus it''s open 5a to 2a!!!). Not good at it currently, but I'm only on day two of owning it.

My road bike is not mine yet, need to go pick it up from the guy on CL. It's an old 1980s Shogun that he converted in a SS. Looking forward to owning and riding that. I'm not much into racing currently, but I may find it interesting once I get riding on the road. I am not a fan of gears, thus the SS, mostly because I just forget and as a kid I always had the "Walmart" bikes so my gear changing was always a painful experience. But this will be for exercise purposes, nothing serious, just a 20 to 40 mile ride each day.

Anyways, hello!

CbadRider 06-05-14 01:42 PM

Welcome, Ian!

It sounds like you have a nice stable of bikes.

Lacumo 06-05-14 05:14 PM

Welcome to BF!

cyclomuter 06-05-14 07:32 PM

Sounds like you're all over the map with your bikes - I like it :). Welcome to BF and happy trails!

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