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greekguy 06-22-14 09:56 AM

Hello Riders!
Hello Forum Riders!

Thanks for accepting my membership! LOL I was shocked to be admitted. :eek:

I ride out of Sacramento, California. After many years of being off the bicycle and on the motorcycle, I have decided to get back into riding the pedal bike more and less of the motor bike. :D

So other than being the original and still current owner of a 1990 Cannondale Mountain Bike, which has been used mostly as a road bike (no suspension)(today's hybrid bikes), I am working on putting together a new road bike. I am building a CAAD10 road bike to get me farther and faster down the road. :speedy:

Barrettscv 06-22-14 11:53 AM

Welcome to Bikeforums!

Lacumo 06-22-14 05:04 PM

Welcome to BF and good luck with the project!

RonH 06-22-14 05:24 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. I love my CAAD 10. :beer:

greekguy 06-23-14 02:27 PM

Thanks Everyone~

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