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pguru 06-24-14 07:40 PM

Newbie from Montreal
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Hello everyone,

I'm a newbie biker from Montreal that just bought his first road bike. After scouring the classifieds, I came across this Venture LeMans for $125 and decided to get it (was in great condition and rode quite well!). I am looking to freshen it up though; any components I should look at replacing first?

Admittedly, I am a car buff, but with soaring gas prices and taking my health into consideration, I figured I'd dive into the world of biking. :p

10 Wheels 06-24-14 08:46 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

Only need to replace items as they wear out.

ballinger5 06-25-14 05:54 AM

I wouldn't dump a lot of money into an older bike IMO. I would enjoy it and fix only what needed to be fixed. If you did upgrade I would do wheels since you can get a cheap upgrade from someone who has an extra set laying around. Enjoy the bike...:-)

Lacumo 06-25-14 03:14 PM

Welcome to BF! If the bike works well, as said above--don’t fix it. If you want to lay out some bucks, putting the funding into a new bike would probably be a wiser expenditure.

Sterling5H 06-26-14 11:19 AM

Hi and welcome to the bike forum, I agree with all of the above. I would also check the freewheel/cassette to make sure it coasts and doesn't lock up and also check the brakes for security.

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