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chari-chari 03-29-05 07:54 PM

Howdy from Kyushu
I've recently moved here from Osaka and have decided that I want to see the counrtyside the slow way.
Hey, the exercise wouldn't hurt me either.

Does anyone have any information re. purchasing a bike here in Japan?
I want to get into touring and I'd like to actually check out the bike before I buy it.
Trouble is, most of the local shops seem to be poorly represented on the web and
I don't know where to start looking. There have to be some 'serious bike shops'
here, I just can't find 'em!

Could anyone point me in the right direction?


roadfix 03-29-05 08:12 PM

Welcome to the forums. Look under 'jitensha' in your local yellow pages... :D

Butch 03-29-05 08:25 PM

I don't know that I can help you, but I have a bike (my wifes) that I would like to identify. It is a cromo, stepthrough, with the markings Seraph, Mizutani, Ringyo, and Japan. Does this sound familiar to you?

chari-chari 03-29-05 08:35 PM

Y' know, you'd think I'd look in the Yellow Pages wouldn't you...
You'd think so, but I didn't! :rolleyes: Thanks!

Butch, does this page help you?

It would seem that Seraph was a brand produced by Mizutani Ringyo Bicycles,
the precursor of Mizutani Bicycles. Sounds like you have a bit of a classic there.

Ta for the replies! :)

SpokesInMyPoop 03-30-05 01:37 PM

yoroshiku! I'd also be interested in biking info for kyushu, as far as paths and whatnot go. I'm gonna be visiting my grandparents for their 50th anniversary in Imari, and I haven't been there since I was... five or six years old.

If it earns me any points, I could ride a two wheeler by that time! But I did spend a lot of time on my big wheel...-

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