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Gordy. 1888 08-07-14 07:16 AM

Hi Folks
Hi there 57 and new to road bikes this year. Got a Carrera Zelos and after 1300 miles in 10 weeks decided to get a Bianchi and loving it. Came off my Bianchi (it's ok) and broke my hip last week ended up with a titanium rod and found you guys when googling recovery times etc.:thumb:

10 Wheels 08-07-14 07:22 AM

Hey Gordy,

Welcome to Bike Forums from a 72 y/o Texas road rider.

57,000 Fun miles on DF's and (Jan 11, 2014) I crashed Big Time.Resulting in Brain surgery and Double Vision.

Still healing and now a trike rider. Just completed a total of 100 miles on it this AM.

1931alloyboy 08-07-14 07:24 AM

Welcome Gordy, I hope you are on the mend.
PS: You type real fast 10Wheels.

Juha 08-07-14 08:57 AM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums. Heal up!


rumrunn6 08-07-14 09:05 AM

holy cow! welcome & enjoy! it's a very rich forum! here's wishing you get well soon!

Gordy. 1888 08-07-14 09:57 AM

Thanks for the replies guys giving myself 3 months

linnefaulk 08-07-14 12:46 PM

Welcome. Good luck on your recovery.

Lacumo 08-07-14 06:51 PM

Welcome to BF and the Ti Cyclists Society! I had a right THR just under 2 years ago, so I’m a member of the Ti Society, too...

Gordy. 1888 08-09-14 08:17 AM

Thank you finding a lot of good info. Also discovered the TI society is not as exclusive as I would have thought. rumrunn6 thanks for the good wishes :thumb:

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