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r0ger9 08-07-14 10:26 AM

hello from Buckingham
Just wanted to say Hi and say that this forum is a fantastic resource for someone like me in terms of tips, information and technical know how.
It's been very useful to me as I've just started biking, I'm 53, 5'7" and quite overweight (215 lbs) and a heavy smoker. However I'm really enjoying the bike but had started to suffer terrible pain in my elbows, this forum solved the problem for me with the good advice that I'd found given to another poster by the generous members here.

started at the beginning of July & I'm doing regular 4.5 mile rides to get my fitness up a little but struggle badly on inclines but getting better. I've done a couple of 9 mile rides and recently a 14.5 miles... so am improving, but any kind of hill kills me.
I'm riding a Trek Madone 2.1

Once again, thanks for all the contributions on this message board as they are a constant source of help.:):)


Juha 08-07-14 10:31 AM

Cheers r0ger9, welcome. Keep riding and it will become easier. As you have noticed already.


Lacumo 08-07-14 07:06 PM

Welcome to BF and best of luck with your efforts! If you can pull it off, the biggest favor you could do for yourself would be stopping smoking. I stopped in 2002 and it was one of the smartest and best (although badly overdue) moves I ever made in my life. I used to smoke >1 1/2 packs of Lucky Strikes (unfiltered, of course!) a day and I used to wheeze in a way that got downright scary. Sorry about preaching at you, but losing the cigarettes could be the cornerstone of the most important health improvement changes you’ll ever make. Best of luck with it.

linnefaulk 08-08-14 08:32 AM


1931alloyboy 08-08-14 10:50 AM

Welcome r0ger9,
The advice from Lacumo I can identify with. As that old rhyme goes......
"It wasn't the cough that carried him off, 'twas the coffin they carried him off in."

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