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Nigel_R 08-09-14 08:29 AM

Hi All
Briefly about me:

44 yrs old, have'nt dsone much cycling since I've been in Europe (now alsmost 20 yrs) but now in Hamburg I hope to do more.

I tend to prefer old bikes made of steel: I have 2 Reynolds 531 framesets, one more or less a racer with an old ultegra groupset from the time when 14 gears were enough, the other an even older Peugeot which has been ruggedized so I can carry my 3 yr old on through the woods, also a hacked Czech Favorit which is now a fixie.

As I'm out of touch I'll have a few questions now and then.



10 Wheels 08-09-14 08:31 AM

Hello and Welcome to Bike Forums.

linnefaulk 08-09-14 08:54 AM

Welcome, Nigel.

Lacumo 08-09-14 04:59 PM

Welcome to BF and back to cycling!

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