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big_biker 06-02-02 09:24 AM

New Philly area biker
Hi all. Great site! I've been reading all the advice and input for about a month now. I'm adding road biking to my work out routine and will be riding in several fund raising events this year. I haven't bought my bike yet, but have decided on a Cannondale R700 USA edition. I'll post a photo once I get it. By the way, "big_biker" comes from my 6'4", 275 frame.

Thanks again for the great advice thus far. Regards!

Louis 06-03-02 11:05 AM

Hi big biker, and welcome to the forums. Glad to see you've decided to become a road biker. There are plenty of good people here at BF, and lots of great information to help you get started.



brent 06-03-02 02:31 PM

I also ride in philly (in the actual downtown area, not a suburb.)
Where do you ride?
Watch out for cars!! I got hit saturday by two....

big_biker 06-03-02 08:09 PM


Two cars! I hope you're alright. Is that a recurring problem in Philly?

I live and ride (mostly) in Bucks County, but I work in Center City. My motivation for road biking started with a group at work. We have about 20 folks doing the ACS ride in July. My old clunky mountain bike just didn't make the cut.

See you on the streets.

Rich Clark 06-04-02 02:13 AM

Welcome to the forums, Big!

I ride into CC from Delaware County every day. Philly drivers suck, and vast numbrs of them have neither insurance nor driver's licenses. The police seem to have better things to do than enforce traffic laws, and bikes are beneath their notice.

This is not cause to be afraid. It's reason to train yourself in "effective cycling" techniques so that you can operate safely as part of the traffic flow. I find this more important inside Philadelphia than anywhere else.

It's no worse than other big Eastern cities that were never intended for cars.

And where else can you still ride on cobblestone streets with trolley tracks?

:) Have fun. This is a great place.


dougc 06-04-02 10:51 AM

I live in South Jersey, but rode up through Bucks County a few weeks ago to New Hope. There are some nice roads up there and a few killer hills. Welcome aboard.

big_biker 06-04-02 04:58 PM

Any "effective cycling" suggestions? I need to read up on the basic rules and etiqutte as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Rich Clark 06-04-02 06:23 PM

Originally posted by big_biker
Any "effective cycling" suggestions? I need to read up on the basic rules and etiqutte as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
IMO the key is simply to uderstand that your bike is a vehicle, and when you ride on the road you have the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicle operators. Be predictable, obey traffic laws, and keep your speed up.

The "bible" of effective cycling is John Forester's book "Effective Cycling," in print and available through larger booksellers. Effective cycling courses are given by experienced cyclists; check through your local bike shop.

For a free e-resource, you could do worse than to check out the Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual.


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