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Dan 06-02-02 12:07 PM

Hi from Michigan
Hi everyone;
From what I've found while surfing, this forum looks way better than anything else. I'm glad I found it, and many thanks to those who keep it going.
I'm an artist, a commercial illustrator from Grand Rapids. I've got it sort of easy, I get my lazy a** out of bed around 10-11, grab a cup of coffee and go into my home studio and crank away at artwork, usually on the computer. If I'm motivated I may even get dressed. 2-3 times a week I'll take time off in the afternoon for a ride, usually 20 miles and a longer one on the weekend. Last year I sold my 80's Schwinn supersport cro-moly and got a used Trek 5200 for a good price, I love it.
My other hobbies are golf and guitar building.

KleinMp99 06-02-02 12:24 PM

Another member from michigan....WOOO!! Welcome:beer:

GravityBmxer 06-04-02 03:23 PM

Hi! How are you? I hope you are having a good time on this site! Feel free to post anything that you want thats a good thing if you need any help try to reach me when I am on here. Have fun!:)

jon-w9 06-06-02 10:53 AM


Where bouts you located? I am in Lansing. Getting back into the scence and looking for some nearby riding for practice and busting some runs. Glad to hear there are some locals here. :thumbup:

KleinMp99 06-06-02 12:56 PM

I currently live in Marquette (UP)......far away from all the other bikeforums members that live in michigan:(

jon-w9 06-07-02 06:04 AM

I spent 2 years in Houghton at Michigan Tech. I miss the UP. I think it is the best biking in the state. Nice hills. Have you ever went to Minnesota to Lutsen Mountain for the summer downhill riding? Great tim. Probably 4-5 hours from you.

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