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Ice-T 06-03-02 10:58 AM

Greetings from Germany
Hi Everybody,

Since I'm new to this forum (registered yesterday) I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Thomas and I live in Germany. I'm studying mechanical engineering in my 6th semester at the University in Dresden. I used to do a lot of riding before attending the required one year army-service. Then during the first four semesters I was so busy studying I hardly had any time to ride. Now since I don't have to go to so many courses anymore I'm hitting the dirt more often. I ride a Manitou HT with '99 Manitou SX shocks, Maguras, GripShift...nothing too fancy.

My biggest interests at the moment are nutrition, training and riding techniques. So I guess I'll be hanging around those threads most of the time.

Does any of you californians know Point Mugu State Park? When I'm over in the states visiting my relatives I usually go riding near the Big Sycamore Canyon Trail.

See ya in the topic area!

GravityBmxer 06-04-02 03:25 PM

Hi Ice T. Welcome to bikeforums! Have a good time! Bye.;)

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