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NanaTo8Rider 10-11-14 09:08 PM

Hello from beautiful Northern California
I'm looking forward to getting to know ya'll and, since I'm fairly new to biking, learning a lot! My husband & I moved to CA the end of last year and we are LOVING the weather and people here!! This is our 6th out of state move but the first move from the South. Our 5 children and 8 Gkiddos are across the country from us now but, at least we have a great place for them to come visit. (Some are already planning their visits which, makes Momma happy!)

I have Fibromyalgia and "Premature, Hereditary Osteoarthritis" throughout my body which has very recently aggressively attacked my thumbs making riding on my mountain bike almost impossible. So, I recently sold the bike and am currently shopping for a hybrid. Riding is honestly better than medicine to me; It clears my mind from the daily pain I deal with, allows me to the joy of being outside and enjoy myself in a way that walking / jogging once did. My favorite riding spots are both waterfront areas that I absolutely LOVE!!

This looks like a great site and I'm grateful to have found it!

Juha 10-12-14 12:01 AM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!


cb400bill 10-12-14 05:50 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

linnefaulk 10-12-14 06:50 AM


Pink Jersey 10-13-14 07:23 AM

Hi, Nana! How nice to meet you! I am also new to the forum and relatively new to cycling, too. I live in The Netherlands (I am not Dutch) with my husband, my a teenage son and the fluffliest dog you could possible imagine. I understand perfectly when you say that you like to ride to clear your mind. I feel the same way when I am riding. Hope to hear from you more often in the forum.

NanaTo8Rider 10-13-14 09:51 AM

Thanks everyone! Pink Jersey, ah yes, I so "need" to ride some days!!! It seems like a gift to be able to do something enjoyable and gain so much from it.

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