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Jamming_1 10-30-14 02:10 PM

Starting Out
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking at starting to do on road cycling and was wondering what people would recommend getting gear wise? I've done mountain bike riding before in the past so i have the basic gear for riding on the roads (Bike, helmet and lights).

Thanks in advance for your help.

RonH 10-30-14 02:25 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. The folks in the Road Cycling forum can give you loads of advice. Along with water bottles I'd recommend a seat pack with tire levers, spare tube, multitool, and C02 inflator and/or frame mounted pump. What shoes and pedals do you use?

cb400bill 10-30-14 02:38 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

linnefaulk 10-31-14 09:20 AM


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