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dusnek 10-30-14 08:26 PM

Hello from Cleveland, Ohio!
I'm a student at Oberlin College (outside of Cleveland). I was never too into biking back at home (Atlanta is a scary place to bike), but came to campus with a Trek 7300 Multi-track and used it a lot getting around campus. I quickly began involving myself with the campus bicycle cooperative, and over the last summer started riding road bikes for the first time. Which was amazing. Finally bought my first bike a couple weeks ago (Trek 400 Elance) and am absolutely in love. Planning to build up a fixed gear soon. Anyways, these forums have been so helpful for me, can't wait to contribute.
much love, Jake

Mark Stone 10-30-14 09:03 PM

Hi Jake, welcome to the community!

Juha 10-31-14 01:16 AM

Cheers Jake, welcome to Bike Forums!


cb400bill 10-31-14 04:40 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Jake!

Be sure to check out our Classic & Vintage forum.

linnefaulk 10-31-14 09:15 AM

Welcome, Jake

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