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IslandHydro 11-01-14 05:45 PM

Hi All,

My name is Doug, I'm new here! I live on Whidbey Island (Puget Sound, WA state) and it's a beautiful place for riding. I'm working on my rain gear so I can ride all winter (need the exercise...). I commute via bike although a very short distance. Am closer to 60 than 50, and had been riding a hybrid, but it hurt my neck so I just this last weekend picked up a used Sun EZ-Sport AX. Have done a few short rides (5 or 6 mile) and I find that I'll need to build up a new set of legs for the recumbent. Good news is that the bike is very comfortable and my neck and back are happy! Still tuning the bike up (it was neglected) but it's getting there. I'll post some pictures once I have it fixed up (hopefully in the next week or two). I used to ride a lot as a kid, but not so much in recent years, hoping to rectify that.


cb400bill 11-01-14 05:49 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Doug!

Juha 11-03-14 12:50 AM

Cheers Doug, welcome to BF!


Mark Stone 11-03-14 06:49 AM

Hi Doug! :welcome

linnefaulk 11-03-14 10:00 AM

Welcome, Doug.

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