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gjhsu 11-05-14 01:44 PM

Hello, from Austin
Hello to you all. I'm George, from Austin.

I've just recently (as of this summer) gotten into the whole bicycling thing, after not having ridden anything on two wheels in almost 20 years. Enjoying it immensely, and looking to get into better shape (round is a shape, right?), and lose some extra heft. Also looking to learn from the collective brains, and hear the great stories from around the world to keep me going and staying off the couch!

10 Wheels 11-05-14 02:29 PM

Hey George,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

texbiker 11-05-14 02:55 PM

Welcome to BF from a fellow Texas bicyclist. Enjoy the ride. Check for places to ride and news on Texas bicycling.

cb400bill 11-05-14 06:12 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, George!

linnefaulk 11-06-14 09:26 AM

Welcome, George.

gjhsu 11-06-14 12:54 PM

Thanks, everyone!

capejohn 11-06-14 06:02 PM

Welcome to the forums. My son Brandon tends bar at Javalina on Rainey St. Tell him your first drink is on John in Fairhaven. No joke.

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