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sseibert3 11-10-14 10:17 PM

Greeting from Houston
Sadly - I am writing this post to discourage folks from purchasing a Specialized Bicycle.

Three weeks ago I purchased a new Cross Trail Sport Disk bike - $700.00+. Had an accident and damaged the front wheel. contacted the shop where I bought the bike and was advised that I can not get a matching replacement front wheel. I contacted Specialized in Colorado and the Customer Service person aslo said that I couldn't get a matching replacement front wheel. I guess I do not understand the bicycle world but I would expect to be able to acquire a replacement part from the manufacturer. Since the rim is black and the spokes are silver I was told I could purchase a black rim and silver spokes and have the wheel relaced? WHAT?

I would presume that somewhere there is a pallet of bicycle wheels that are made like the OEM wheels on the bike I bought.

I have contacted Maddux and have received no response.

Upset and disgruntled in Houston.

texbiker 11-10-14 11:43 PM

I am sorry you are not able to find a matching front wheel. What kind of damage did your wheel have?

Most bikes are manufactured in China in big production runs and shipped to their destination. Most likely your bike is no longer in production and the specific wheels no longer available.

If a black wheel is what you need look at another shop.

Juha 11-11-14 12:56 AM

Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums.

If you want that specific wheel then the manufacturer (Maddux?) should be your best bet. Which of their wheels was it?


10 Wheels 11-11-14 06:25 AM

Hey sseibert3,

Welcome to Bike Forums from League City.

YOU, not the shop had the accident: "Had an accident and damaged the front wheel"

Buy a new set of wheels from ebay.

Mark Stone 11-11-14 09:06 AM

Welcome to the Community!

cb400bill 11-11-14 07:47 PM

First, Welcome to Bike Forums.

If you post some info about the brand and model of your front wheel, we may made be able to help you find a replacement.

Posting a good, clear, closeup picture of your rim and hub will help a lot, too.

TallTravel 11-11-14 08:47 PM


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