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davidbunnell 11-12-14 08:40 PM

Hello from Louisville!
Hi! I'm David Bunnell. I am 17 years old and I am a 100% newbie at everything cycling. It has been a tradition for me and my dad to go down and watch the IronMan Louisville finishes. Last year, I swore to myself that I would finish it at age eighteen, the minimum age. I am a competitive swimmer, so the swim should be no problem, but I have never done anything with bikes and am pretty inexperienced with running as well. So this year, I have been running 2-3 times per week and swimming 7-9 times per week. Just this morning I purchased my first bike. A 2004 Bianchi Eros. My dad has an old 1989 Bianchi Brava that he still rides sometimes today, and I've always thought it was the coolest thing, so I went out and found myself a Bianchi! I actually bought the bike off of eBay for a total of $425 and I believe I got a good deal. I'm excited to get into and learn more and more about this sport!

-David Bunnell

cb400bill 11-12-14 08:54 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, David!

Juha 11-13-14 12:29 AM

Cheers David, welcome!


Steve Urquell 11-13-14 02:03 AM

Welcome aboard!

linnefaulk 11-13-14 12:18 PM

Welcome, David

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