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falcon101 12-16-14 10:45 AM

Long time rider, new poster and a big Hello!
Riding for 50 years, raced for 10, toured for 40, worked on high end bikes for 40, training for 50. Solo and road for 50, tandem for 35, mountain for 30. Loved them all...the years and the bikes.
Current bikes: Road, Kestrel Talon and Nishiki Professional; Cross, Grasspounder Superlite; Mountain, Nishiki, Balls of Steel, hard fork and tail; Tandem, Gitane ( me, needs parts and that's why I'm here).

RonH 12-16-14 11:30 AM

Welcome to Bike Forums. Sounds like you've had a nice "career" with bikes. :thumb: Got pics of the bikes?

cb400bill 12-16-14 08:21 PM


falcon101 12-17-14 02:32 PM

I'll gather and post photos. Thanks for the interest.

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