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gandrimp 12-21-14 01:52 PM

Southern Missouri
My arsenal contains, 1 Trek 7300 hybrid purchased new in 2007 (wife has the same also),
1 trek 7000 which I purchased used and I believe it to be a 1994 model (its a fantastic bike) my wife loves this bike,
I purchased a Trek Stache 6 in august of this year that now has just under 900 miles on it.
On black Friday I purchased a new Surly Disc Trucker for a smokin deal.

Touring is in my future, maybe.

RonH 12-21-14 04:55 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums.

10 Wheels 12-21-14 05:13 PM

Hey gandrimp,

Welcome to Bike Forums.

cb400bill 12-21-14 07:29 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

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