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Headbadge7 12-28-14 07:11 PM

Greeting from Portland, Oregon

My name is a Karl Edwards and I'm a freelance illustrator in Portland Oregon, specializing in children's books and cycle graphics.

My first passion were the antique, Victorian bikes. I toured Europe and Japan on an 1887 ordinary. My current interest are the vintage lightweights. I ride a Mondia and a Bruce Gordon, but I've been lucky enough to have owned, restored and then sold many wonderful makes, from Cinelli to Hetchins. My wife and I ride a Co-Motion tandem.

It's all good.

Glad to be part of the group.

Here are some links which may be of interest . . .

July 2011 Profile in | Karl Edwards

Bicycle Graphics | Karl Edwards

cb400bill 12-28-14 07:36 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums, Karl!

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