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olderandyzer 01-01-15 01:40 PM

Newbie from Central PA. Back at it again after about 26 year break
Hello! Just joined the group today after lurking for a month off and on. Been mostly off the bike for the last 26 years with some stints on the bike. Raising a family between my business and racing Vet Motocross, just not enough time to comit to bicycling. Looking to get fit again, as I have been an avid motocrosser for 38 years. I started bicycling about 70 miles a week about 8 weeks ago, and so far I am enjoying it again.

I have a Trek 1000 I bought 6 or 7 years ago. Looking to upgrade to something much better. Bikes ok, but I am looking for something that is a little more comfortable for climbing and descending hills. I want a stable bike. Hydro disk brakes sound nice too.

How do I find small clubs to do some racing and stuff? Like a Wednesday night ride or race? Like I said, I'm a total newbie, and at the bike shops around State College, PA, they really only want to sell stuff, or that is my impression.

RonH 01-01-15 02:59 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums. You may find some local clubs if you ask in the Northeast Regional subforum. Good luck.

cb400bill 01-01-15 04:33 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums!

Moab91 01-01-15 04:50 PM

Welcome back. I can relate; was basically off for close to 20, but started commuting with my road bike back in June. I feel ten years younger than I did 6mos ago! Now chasing down parts for my old mountain bike...

Johnny Mullet 01-01-15 05:15 PM

Welcome to the site!

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