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antokelly 01-26-14 01:19 PM

bono got his comeuppens.
The band U2 were playing a gig in the O2 arena in dublin,when BONO appeared on stage he walked down a ramp slowly clapping his hands about every 3 seconds.
he then said .do you know people everytime i clap my hands a child in Africa dies.

some dublin wagg in the audence shouted back
Well stop clapping your fookin hands:D:D.

trackhub 02-04-14 07:10 PM

Is that true, or is that an Urban Legend?

Astrozombie 02-04-14 08:16 PM

Is he that big of a whiner? I'm sure they're spending millions on helping people around the world but nobody likes a Debbie downer throwing guilt trips at people

StephenH 05-13-14 08:33 PM

It's not even Urban Legend, just a joke.

How did the duck shock people?
With his electric bill!

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