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Tipmart 05-09-21 07:35 PM

Which tires
If you had a choice between

continental GP5000

continental Attack/Force 3

continental Grand Prix TT

To put on your kids bike, which would you choose

Looking for something lightweight and fast but not easily punctured Purely his racing tires to go on a set of Rolf elan stealth wheels

Russ Roth 05-09-21 08:49 PM

GP5000, the 4000 IIs were nice and the 5000 have been nicer. Unfortunately they don't make them in a 650c or 26" so my kid is stuck on some nicer michelin but not as nice as I'd like. They get good reviews, I have them on my wife's and my bike and of the three listed I believe they are the fastest all around tire. Either that or I'd do a pair of Challenge. Really wish there were nicer tires in smaller Jr. sized wheels.

Doge 05-09-21 10:44 PM

GP5000. Do narrow.
The puncture thing is a non-issue for racing.
Might do light tubulars. It is unlikely there will be a flat. That choice is kinda dependent on how into it you all are.

ganthercage 08-12-21 02:42 PM

Yeah i think so

Tipmart 09-30-21 01:24 PM

Went with the Continental 5000s and all went well. Hard to get on the rims at first. bike went great, a lot lighter than his 24" Frog racing bike. Took nearly 2 minutes off his 4 mile bike ride. Ended up competing in a duathlon instead of a triathlon in the final race of the season due to bacteria in the lake

1 mile run
4 mile bike
1 mile run

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