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sstang13 04-24-13 06:32 PM

Haha you must look funny sprinting with 150+ rpm! Do you race with Juniors only? The most I've gotten to was around 130, I've never really had to go that fast though.

jsutkeepspining 04-24-13 06:36 PM

I mainly race 1/2, but i do race junior nationals. Unlike in canda, 'mericans get to race by either age or catagory

sstang13 04-24-13 07:17 PM

I have to race with Juniors and U23 riders, it sucks.

chocho13 04-24-13 07:35 PM

I usually hit 35 mph on a flat road with some headwind (its so windy over here its pissing me off) haha but on a not so flat road i only hit like 33 or 34 :( im not meant to be a sprinter clearly and yeah if i had 52/14 i could probably go a bit faster without having cadence of an egg beater

jsutkeepspining 04-24-13 07:42 PM

dont worry about max speed on training rides. tehy dont mean that much. I've only broken 40 a couple of times in training, yet i've broken it in every single flat sprint at the end of a crit or road race. Speed is a useless measure. work on high cadence spriting,a nd get comfortable riding high cadences. Once you get to the big boy leagues you'll be riding the entire time at over 105. i acveraged 96 rpms for my last race.

sstang13 04-24-13 08:28 PM

I've only actually sprinted once in which I've hit 56 km/h. And you guys talk about getting used to riding high cadence because of maxing out the junior gears, I naturally ride around 100 rpm, but what if you're like me and struggle on the highest gear to push it so fast that I spin out on a flat without tailwind? Do I just need to get stronger?

I suck :cry:!

jsutkeepspining 04-24-13 08:58 PM

well first off, 100 =/ 120. I'm saying get used to rolling around at 120. remember if your average cadence is 95-100 you spent a heck of a lot of time rolling over 100 rpms.

i don't get what you were trying to say in the second question. where you saying you can't max out the 53/15? if so dont worry about it in solo training. like i've said in solo im only getting to 50-62 km/h on a regular day. in races it almost always over 62 k/hr just because we start sprinting at 5-60 km/h. just ride more, you'll get stronger just by riding more. and just think you could be me and not every get to train consistently I can't wait for senior year so i can ride all day everyday.

sstang13 04-24-13 09:26 PM

Well like when I got dropped there were a number of reasons, but one of them was when I was dangling otb and not even on my highest gear (only on downhills) there was even a tailwind. I just didn't have the 5 minute power to be able to hang on for the surge. And I can't train everyday to, except im only in grade 11 and have a whole 'nother year of school. I think my strength leans more closely to climbing rather than sprinting anyway, too bad I live in a flat to rolling area.

David Broon 04-24-13 10:18 PM

In soviet Canuckistan, we're stuck in the juniors automatically, although the commisares will sometimes let us race a higher level and just record us as a DNF for junior, since the rules say we have to race both if we want to race an adult category as well.

chocho13 04-25-13 01:43 PM

I get to train everyday from about 4pm to about 6 or 6:30 depends what im doing. Im in 9th grade and i dont have strong legs which i wish i had :p

jsutkeepspining 04-25-13 05:14 PM

i miss 9th grade. I was able to train non-stop. legs will develop, just ride lots. then you can get away with never trainng and being a fatty

David Broon 04-25-13 05:36 PM

Yeah, no kidding. I'm in grade 12, and managing two jobs, and riding a ton.

sstang13 04-25-13 06:24 PM

I remember grade 9 too, I didn't have a bike and was normal :)

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