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girlcyclist 04-05-13 12:02 PM

Newbie to Grass Track Cycling
Hi, I'm 16 and relatively new to cycling, I started after watching the Olympics last year, going from absolutely no experience and no fitness whatsoever, I could barely ride 5 miles! I have kept it up, seen huge improvements and enjoy it massively! I'm wanting to take it further now and start competing. I'm in the process of entering local TT's and Crit Races, however, I would really like to have a go at track cycling, and the grass track racing nearby- starting in May is of massive interest to me.

I don't own a fixie bike, but the club running the races allow competitors to borrow the bikes so I should be ok on that front.
However, the training I've been doing at the moment has been pretty basic, and focused more on fitness and keeping a good, steady speed, 25kph averages rather than sprinting. The top speed I've hit sprinting on flat/on the road is 56kph, and on the rollers during interval training, I hit around 54kph. I'm sure thats not great and probably shows I'm no natural! So I'll need to improve massively.

If its any help, I don't exactly have the 'physique' of a sprinter, I'm 5ft 6, 53kg, puny/skinny and I have long legs, so most people take one look and assume I don't have a chance! I would like to prove them wrong

I wondered if there are any short term training plans, or tips anyone could give me on how I can improve before the racing starts? With the acceleration and the endurance of the grass track?

Also, any advice in general on track racing since I have never competed before,

It would be greatly appreciated!

getaklug 04-05-13 07:22 PM

Newbie to Grass Track Cycling
Not a track cyclist but for sprints all I'll recommend intervals. 30s all out then 1min rest, repeat. Others do it with different time periods but thats simple enough for me. I personally try and keep my cadence super high during these, 115rpm+
Another thing, and I think it'll be great for track, is dead weights.
What you do is shift to the hardest gear, slow down as much as you can, it's just a slight rolling start, then take off hard and fast for 30s- don't stop pedaling. It gets easy if you already have junior gears, but if not - good luck.

David Broon 04-05-13 10:16 PM

Im 6'2, 160lbs, and all legs. Welcome to the club.

I've never raced Grass track, though I spend a fair amount of time on a 333m velodrome.

For speed, do intervals, focusing on shorter rides with higher intensity. try getaklug's intervals, but half in the saddle, as hard as you can, and the other half standing, just to get the variety. Also try doing some from nearly stopped, and some while moving fast to start with.

Have fun! Track is a blast.

sstang13 04-06-13 10:21 PM

Gym work is good to to build up powe and strength in your legs, some would disagree though.. As for speeds for sprinting don't worry, the highest ive seen in my sprints was 55 kph, I think I hit 58 on Thursday though :)

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